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    Default V1 and Ka range in ohio - what do you all get?

    Ive come across some parked cops, with radar's transmitting Ka continously.

    One was with brimfield ohio cops, the other, with Akron ohio cops.

    In the first case, I passed a brimfield cop, with his front radar on facing forwards. He was parked with a 'customer' and my rear sensor picked him up for 1 mile before I stopped getting a Ka alert. v1 on little 'l', POP on, Ka guard on

    The second case, an akron cop was at the scene of a downed tree limb on the highway. He had his rear radar on, was stopped and pointed in my same direction of travel. I was traveling towards his position. v1 on little 'l', POP off, Ka guard on.

    In both cases, I got 1.0 miles of alert. (I get more alert with K and X)

    I have no idea what Ka frequencies these municipal departments use. All I can tell you is that the've been Ka in the decade + of my V1 ownership.

    If anyone knows what Ka freq these depts use that would be interesting to me.

    Oh! and both of the above instances were with me using a v3.872.

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    Default Re: V1 and Ka range in ohio - what do you all get?

    Who cares about Ka as it's hardly used in Ohio. My V1 picks up more rear laser scatter than Ka the last month or so!

    I'll pick up Ka from Cleveland or Parma but never actually are the cop. Plenty of distance for me.

    There is not much Ka traveling around Ohio unless your in suburbs where Ka can really shine.

    I did pick up a Brunswick cop facing me under a bridge around a turn at 1.2 miles.

    POP off, Ka Guard on.
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    Default Re: V1 and Ka range in ohio - what do you all get?

    I agree laser and k band dominate my area
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    Default Re: V1 and Ka range in ohio - what do you all get?

    Many years ago when I was going to Ohio for a wedding, we got hit with Laser all day long. Never got any Ka band there. Times have changed

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    Default Re: V1 and Ka range in ohio - what do you all get?

    Quote Originally Posted by happya$$ View Post
    I agree laser and k band dominate my area
    and dont dare forget 'X' !!! OSHP uses it all the time and V1 rules the world on it.
    (of course at the same time OSHP uses laser all the time too, which is useless to detect).

    V1 is so good at X, that I will get a brief pulse of low-strength X (on highway travels) that I will assume is a 'false' somewhere. Then I will think ' no' theres not usually a false in this area. After a little bit of time, I will see an OSHP unit pass me. Sometimes, he will not even be using his radar at all when he's in line-of-sight. However he usually is the explanation where that low-strength 'X' came from a minute or so ago!

    Im just hoping OSHP doesnt phase out X for mobile radar...

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    Default Re: V1 and Ka range in ohio - what do you all get?

    Now that the redone freeway of Route 8 is completed near the turnpike, Boston Heights uses K, Ka, and laser in that stretch of roadway.



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