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Thread: v1 acting weird

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    noticed last night that i wasn't getting the false alarms that i normally get. i sent it in for a tune up in September. which makes me feel as it was out of tune. Does VR have a warranty on the tune-ups because its less than a year, or do i have to pay again for it?

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    If something isn't right with it, and it's within the year warranty, I don't understand why they would charge you anything to fix it. But I'm not sure how Valentine goes about their business. I've never sent mine in for anything.

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    My 9500ci/V1 combo won't alert to false alert locations if those businesses are shut down for the night. I would run through the same false alert locations during the day and see how the V1 does before you send it in.

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    I agree with snoopy do a little bit more experimenting first. As far as the warranty on the tunes I don't know but I doubt it haha



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