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    Default First day in almost a year

    Over the weekend while detailing my car, I finally reinstalled my V1 after pulling it out for service last summer. I bought some 3M Dual Lock since my suction cups were not doing their job at all. I'm curious how it will fare in our hot AZ summers, but I thought it was not a bad idea.

    Anyway, so today is my first day in about a year running with my V1. First I realized that I need to re-program it and turn off X-band. Then on my way back from lunch, I passed FIVE state troopers. Two sharing one customer, two with their own customers, and 1 waiting for some prey. I only got one signal out of the lot and my V1 decided to "J" it out! GAK, my first false J. And not a peep out of the one waiting, he had good restraint.

    So, I'm back, perhaps I'll be more active again. I need to hardwire this desperately; I hate the obvious coil cord.
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    Default Re: First day in almost a year

    out of tune... why haven't you used it in year?

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    Default Re: First day in almost a year

    Yeah, I would think about sending it in for a tune-up.

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    Default Re: First day in almost a year

    Quote Originally Posted by gig103 View Post
    I'm curious how it will fare in our hot AZ summers
    Make sure to keep some cool AC on it and keep it out of the sun and you should / will be ok

    Extreme heat = unhappy V1



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