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    Default Sent V1 in for a tune up!

    I sent my V1 in for a tune up. I had no major issues but I did notice a slight drop in sensitivity and a lot of laser falses... or maybe it was just me. I've had the detector for ~3 years now so I figured it was definitely due for a check-up anyways.

    I used my 9500ix today and while I like it, I miss my V1 already.

    In terms of tune up, am I wasting my money or did I make a good decision to do so?

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    Default Re: Sent V1 in for a tune up!

    They might not take your money and even if they did, $45 for a top notch detector is a great investment.

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    Default Re: Sent V1 in for a tune up!

    ^Agree, some peeps even recommend getting a tune up every yr or 2 so I think your making the right move getting it tuned up



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