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    Default K off in NorCal?

    I have my V1 programmed per TeamQuack's post in the stickie section. I've had my V1 for about 4 months now.

    I drive between Salinas, CA and Sacramento, CA twice a week. Hwy 101 to 680 to 80. On highway I drive A and off highway big L.

    My experience with LEO's on these freeways are 99% CHP. The cruisers run Ka. The motorcycles run Ka and I've seen a couple of times laser; however, they were stationary, off their bike and pointing their gun at traffic. Off the highway, I've NEVER been alerted to a cop running K band in NorCal. My experience has always been Ka or occasionally if it's a speed trap, Laser.

    On 101 between Gilroy and San Jose and on 680 from Fremont through Danville I run into several K band spikes. From what I've read, they are CalTrans traffic sensors.

    I'm sick and tired of getting the K band spike alerts in the same spots. I don't speed or push the limits on surface streets. I mainly use the V1 for my biweekly 200 mile commute between Salinas and Sacto and I usually drive 9 to 14 mph over, depending on time of day and location.

    Here's my question:
    What are your thoughts regarding turning off K band? Is there a way to totally mute the K band audio alert in A but still get the visual alert?

    Thanks in advance and flame away if you think my question is 'newbian' or dumb.

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    Default Re: K off in NorCal?

    I wouldn't turn off K band, it's too risky. Sadly, the only way to make these random spikes go away without turning K band off is to buy an Escort RD with TSR software. The redline is as close as you are going to get to a V1. Some will argue that it is better, and in some respects it is, but the V1's arrows + superb I/O and Q/T detection make it the best choice IMO. Luckily I can still use mine, some people such as yourself aren't as fortunate though. Sorry man.

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    Default Re: K off in NorCal?

    I leave K band on because local/county LEO's still use K band on the Peninsula.

    The K band drones drove me nuts on 101/280, so I run in "little L" mode on the highways with automute set to 5 seconds which stops 99% of the drones shots (3 seconds still let a number of shots through, so I upped it to 5 seconds). I wouldn't run a V1 in the Bay Area without the automute feature.

    When I get off the highways, I either (i) slow down a bit and pay more attention to the visual indicators, (ii) turn up the secondary sound lever which raises the automute volume, or (iii) switch to "A" which lets K band through at normal volume level.



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