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    quick question:

    I've been thinking lately and not sure if this is right or not but my question is if you have a V1 with version 3.813 or w/e and another with say 3.872 software version, and both are upgraded to the latest firmware as of right now, my question is are the two v1 the same, regardless of what software version it is as long as you have the latest firmware?

    The reason I'm asking is because I have read some thread talking about how great the 3.813 is because it was pre-pop and that it has great sensitivity than the later version, but if they both have the latest upgrade than I guess the software version doesn't matter? Sorry if this doesn't make sense

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    If both are upgraded they would be the same. 3.872

    Now you can have a 3.813 or other previous versions "tuned up" without upgrading.

    Some say the 3.813 is better and some say the 3.872 is better. There have been several test that show the 3.813 over the 3.872 and vise versa.

    The only way to really know which version is really better, is to get a bunch of different freshly tuned up models (due to manufacturer variances) and test them all. If you ask Mike Valentine, Mike, or Pete which is the best version they will say 3.872. LOL
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    i heard that 1.36 is the best



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