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    Default V1 Settings for Tri-State Area?

    I apologize if this has already been covered previous but I did not come across anything when I searched for it.

    But I was curious as to what settings members use for their V1, specifically those residing in the tri-state area? I live in NJ and travel mostly NYC, and I95/287 (Westchester to CT). I was tempted to leave X-band off but I then read that NJ & Ohio police still use X-band? Also has anyone encountered K band? It seems like I only get K band alerts from contruction signs but never a LEO.

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    Default Re: V1 Settings for Tri-State Area?

    X band is alive and well in NJ. NY and NJ also use K and Ka so you will need to keep all of the bands active unless you want to turn X off when you get to NY. I don't know if POP is used (probably not), but if you go to the Regional section of the forum you will see bands by state and town. The list is fairly accurate but you can be surprised so I would run with it in factory default mode until you get comfortable with the measures used in your area.
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: V1 Settings for Tri-State Area?

    This has got it all.Go here

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    Default Re: V1 Settings for Tri-State Area?

    Thanks guys, this forum has been extremely useful in the few days since I've joined! =D



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