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    Default My V1 is locked in KA Alert

    This is my first post here and before doing so I've spent some time searching to no avail.

    Recently my V1 decided to give me constant KA alert. Does anyone know if there's a setting I should look at before shipping it off. Is it possible for the power cord to cause this?

    I thought I'd travel to the dark side and purchased the 9500ix that's supposed to be so quiet yet sound all important warnings. Well the darn things never stops talking. You need to know brail to find the right buttons....................... Its going back next week before the 30 days are up. Redline seems too temperamental.

    I know V1 Customer Service is excellent!!

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    Default Re: My V1 is locked in KA Alert

    Unless you have a Ka radar gun stashed under the seat of your car plugged in and turned on, your V1 shouldn't alert constantly to Ka.

    Did you try it in another car to rule out environmental issues? If so, call VR and send it in. They'll fix it up for you.

    The 9500ix is a nice detector to have in the city because of its GPS features, but it's not as sensitive as the V1. Nor does it have arrows.
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    Default Re: My V1 is locked in KA Alert

    I would give VR a call and send it in. I'm not aware of any settings that would cause constant Ka alerts.

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    Default Re: My V1 is locked in KA Alert

    V1 is sick so call them and send it in.

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    Default Re: My V1 is locked in KA Alert

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