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    Default list factors that influence range. i had unusual ka range yesterday.

    I got 2+ miles ka range against a mobile local pd unit in ohio. He was coming towards me on the opp side of the highway running c/o ka. Ka guard off, pop on. I traveled well over 1.5 miles from my first alert until I passed him. If he was traveling the same speed (or faster) that means I detected him when he was 3+ miles away!

    This range is much more than I am used to. Usually I only travel .5 miles from my first alert until I pass a ka unit. Road was dead on straight. Ramp up was steady so I don't think I had a false ka source. Heck, I even got intermittent blips before the steady ramp up.

    For those familiar w ohio, this was on. I70 east in the newark/granville area.

    I imagine the following factors influence range:
    radar band
    radar power
    mount height
    detector setting to a small extent (ie. Pop on/off, ka guard on/off)
    orientation of radar antenna (head on. Offaxis, etc.)
    terrain (duh!)

    Id like to start a list of factors so I can help understand this unusual experience.

    Something I am wondering is if there was any ka models (likely oldr) known to be high power.
    my experience w my local pds k band is that there current units are much less power than the ones they used 15 years ago...

    Maybe this local pd had an older, higher powered ka unit. I could not read the name of the city on the car. all I cld say was it was fully marked. Black w blue lettering
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    Default Re: list factors that influence range. i had unusual ka range yesterday.

    Terrain is a bigger factor than it seems to be at first glance. It's not just about hills and buildings between you and the source. Even your surroundings that aren't between you and the source can factor in significantly. Buildings, trees, signs, freeway walls, and other objects around you reflect and absorb the propagation of the radar signal in various ways. For instance, I can clock traffic on the freeway by aiming my radar at a wooden fenceline 30 yards off to the side of the freeway. Conversely, if I aim at a line of trees in the same location, it will just absorb the radar and give me no reading. Consequently, you have to be very consistent with any testing scenarios.

    Of course, let's not forget LEO tactics. You never really know for sure when or how he is turning his unit on and off. What you think was a dropped signal or poor ramp-up is often simply a crafty LEO.
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    Default Re: list factors that influence range. i had unusual ka range yesterday.

    This is something I've always been curious of as well. Just a few weeks back, I was stopped at a stoplight with my 9500ix when I got a weak 34.7 Ka alert. The terrain was pretty ideal, a very straight country road, but with a large hill two miles in the distance and obviously no buildings and minimal street signs to reflect the signal. Since I had time, I reset the trip odometer in my truck.

    By the time the light changed, a good twenty seconds had passed. I proceeded to drive 1.5 miles and passed a CHP running C/O 34.7. Traveling at 55 MPH, I think I can safely assume I picked up the alert from at least 3+ miles away, likely more. Also, at some point, this LEO was behind the hill in the distance and out of sight. Pretty darn impressive by my standards. I also had a similar experience with 34.7, but in the city with lots of traffic and buildings; I traveled a good 1.5 miles before I crossed paths with the LEO in the opposite lane. Pretty good for the 9500, a detector that many discount for lacking range.
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    Default Re: list factors that influence range. i had unusual ka range yesterday.

    34.7 plus flat as board terrain will do that.



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