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    Default Wire routing trick I just figured out

    I've switched over the the visor clip for my V1 and like it a whole lot better than the suction cups. It's easier to get dead-level every time and it seems a little more secure. The wire routing through the headliner was a little funky, though, because it had a few inches to travel before there was anything to secure it, making things a little messy. Problem solved!

    I removed the visor assembly to gain access to the hole in the headliner where the hinge is attached to the roof. It tuns out that it was really simple to run the wire back to that hole from the a-pillar rather than forward to the windshield. Now the wire comes out from the seam between the visor hinge and headliner, runs over the visor completely out of sight, and then drops down to the V1 exactly where it needs to next to the clip. It's a small victory, but a victory none-the-less. I'm a sucker for a clean install. 8)

    I just thought I would share in case anybody finds this idea useful.

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    When I installed my V1 I ran wires through the A-pillar and the piece of plastic that runs above my windshield. Ford parts just snap off so installing things cleanly is easy. I recently installed my remote display inside the cluster of my dashboard in the bottom left behind the glass. That was easy as well

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    I congratulate you on your clean install sounds great.



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