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    Default V1 and laser alert false

    well, i have the v1 for about a week now... is it me or does the v1 rd false alot on lidar alert? especially when i'm closed to a vehicles like volvo and infiniti... also, it must be very sensitive to bright light, even morning when i turn on my hid headlights on, the laser alert goes off until i back off out..i guess the reflection of the bright lights are very sensitive. i guess its a good thing to have a LJ, you have confirmation if its a real threat or a false...

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    Default Re: V1 and laser alert false

    Yes, when my V1 was new and when I sent it in at one year, it came back unstable and very sensitive which has dumbed down both times. The tail lights can be an issue if your following in backed up traffic. But my 3.872 is got better about false laser alerts because it is mounted up high behind dots which raises the ref back ground level, and today it got great 1 LED front direct K/Ka radar alarms which did shock me (not normal) with the POP off and Ka Guard on which I use sometimes to keep the V1 quite.....

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    Default Re: V1 and laser alert false

    The V1 has INSANE sensitivity to laser, but with that comes more falses. Infinitis and Volvos as you mention, some are equipped with laser-based adaptive cruise controls, some Lexus and Toyotas have them as well. Some LED and neon signs set it off, as do the 3rd brakelights on some older GMC Envoys and Chevy Trailblazers.

    If it gets to be too annoying, you could turn laser off on the V1 and just use the LI for that purpose, or put something tinted over the front of the V1 to reduce its sensitivity to laser.
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    Default Re: V1 and laser alert false

    My 3.872 falses Laser about 5 times a month. On road trips it is 2-5 times every 2 hours.

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    Default Re: V1 and laser alert false

    This was the first thing i noticed with my V1 it loves to false laser but other then that this radar is great.



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