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    Default New Valentine One Update

    I thought I'd give you guys an update on my newly arrived V1. To give you some background, I've been using a radar detector for five-ten years. I'm not a young stud and don't drive a fast car, but it will, if I do my part, exceed the speed limit given enough time.

    My first radar detector was Escort 8500 x50 and it worked fine until it began giving me a laser alert if I tooted the horn. Not a frequent event, but did cause heart palpitations when it happened. So, last year Escort offered a trade-in program I thought was attractive so I upgraded to the 9500 xi. It worked okay for a short time but then began giving me power reset messages. When this happend, I simply unplugged it and plugged it back in. (When I called Escort about it they said I could send it in for repair but I didn't want to do that and be without protection while they had it.) Then, the 9500 quit detecting anything at all. No police, no electric doors, no tooted horns, buxom blonds, no nothing. Disgusted, I bought a V1.

    I've had the V1 for about a week and here's what I like/dislike about it compared to a funtioning Escort. I guess because I am used to the display format of the Escort line, I miss the display format that clearly labels the kind of signal being detected. The 9500's ability to learn where the nusiance signal are and not alert to them is nice also not to mention red light camera locations. I think I also felt comfortable with the Escort because I knew what the different sounds meant.

    Now what I like about the V1 is, of course the arrows. It is comforting knowing if there is something going on behind me but so far, I've not had a LEO creeping up behind me. This morning, on the way to church, I was approaching a busy intersection with a grocery store, drug store, various other devices giving off a signal and.... a state trooper. (In suburban Houston, we have at least four police agencies all chasing the same nickel, so there is no shortage of ticket writers.) Anyway, the V1 worked as advertised. It told me there were four potental threats, changed the arrows as appropriate and told me which of the threats was the most serious by flashing the second light from the top, i.e., the trooper's radar, that was about a mile beyond the intersection. Very impressive performance from the V1. I know that in time, I'll become comfortable with the V1's display and different sounds... and, I'll have the arrows as a bonus.

    I've sent the 9500 back to Escort for repair because it's still under warranty. I'm just unsure what to do with it when I get it back.
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    Default Re: New Valentine One Update

    V1 is still one of the best.

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    Default Re: New Valentine One Update

    Not only nice to see V1 doing it's thing for a new user but the new user knowing how to interpret the V1.

    With being able to show radar sources along with direction and the strongest source you've outgrowned Escort limited display of multiple signals.

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    Default Re: New Valentine One Update

    Check the V1 web site for muting options etc

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    Default Re: New Valentine One Update


    The Light

    nice description

    explore the links below

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    Default Re: New Valentine One Update

    you have witnessed the power of the V1


    i noticed in houston they use IO alot on the beltway

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    Default Re: New Valentine One Update

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Each detector has it's pros and cons, the arrows and counter are a huge benefit. After you use it a bit longer, you may want to program it for city driving to keep it qiuet. Nice to be able to program the V1 based on our individual needs. I would keep the Escort and use it if you need to send the V1 in for service. I kept my 8500 for this reason and it works well. I took my 8500 out the other day and received a message to send it in for repair. I can't complain, the unit is over 10 years old. I'll get it repaired and keep it as back up. Good luck with the V1,



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