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    Default Interesting laser hit last night (lets all take guesses)

    Last night as I was heading home I spot a OSP charger in the median, no radar alert facing the other lanes. I assume laser and since I have not been hit with laser in over 3 months I figured why not.

    I turn around, and come rolling past him going below the limit (54 in a 65 lol), no traffic as it was middle of the night minus a van in the slow lane. Well sure enough laser alert from the V1, but it lasted every bit of 4 seconds if not longer, then it quit, then the V1 alerted again to the big white van (scatter) I figure.

    Now, I was in a bright yellow mid sized car I saw no reason for me to be a target for that long to acquire a speed reading.

    Do you think the officer was unsure if the gun was working properly as the 54mph speed reading was off the wall, or something else we have no clue about?

    On a special note, I was going slow solely for the purpose of getting a laser hit, in the fast lane. There was no one else around to block/slow down minus the van who was already in the slow lane. So.... no harm done lol.

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    Default Re: Interesting laser hit last night (lets all take guesses)

    maybe he was checking to see if u will speed up

    i was lasered for a few seconds too... i was going down form 80 to 55mph... he let me go

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    Default Re: Interesting laser hit last night (lets all take guesses)

    When I've shot traffic with my PL3 I was most tempted to track a car when (a) it was going fast, or (b) it was going slow. (a) to see if it slowed down, and (b) to see if it speeded up. Cars doing around PSL or the prevaling speed of traffic I would tend to either just shoot and get a speed, or skip over.

    But then different LEOs have different schools of thought on who and how they shoot.
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    Default Re: Interesting laser hit last night (lets all take guesses)

    ^^ x2




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