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    Default Need Some Reviews

    Yo V1 Zombies just wondering if any of you would be interested in helping out by posting a review on what you think of the V1 on our site. Below is the link to where the review would need to go. It would be an extra bonus if you are an LI user as well and would throw in a review on how well they work together. Thanks a lot dudes. I appreciate the help on this. There is a link right next to the photo that says Reviews and if you click on that then you should be able to write a review.

    Please only review the product if you have actually used it. Thanks

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    Default Re: Need Some Reviews

    I would but I would rather not for a reason, sorry

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    Default Re: Need Some Reviews

    I use my V1 but I don't have the LI yet.

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    I presently have three V-1 detectors. I have previously owned at different times three Escort brand radar detectors. I am delighted with the performance as well as Valentine Research's customer service.



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