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    Question Which V1 would you keep?

    So yesterday I picked up a second V1. The intention is to sell one of them to a family member so I am just getting opinions on which one is better & why should I keep that one over the other...

    V1 (3.813) - Recently calibrated by Valentine, Non-POP & Minus J-out
    V1 (3.871) - Newly purchased, verified with known falses and detects all bands...

    I got a weird Dee-Dah-Doo thing on the new one after a couple of false Ka alerts... I have an area near me that I can test against C/O Radar which im planning to anyway.

    Which is better against Off-Axis Ka? This seems to be the weakness of the V1.

    Which one would you keep and why? Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Which V1 would you keep?

    Both are very well at what they do. It's really personal preference. My 3.813 does marginally better than my 3.864. Both have ghosting issues.

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    Default Re: Which V1 would you keep?

    Keep the .871.
    That .813 has been cooking in the sun since 2004. Plus it won't tell you when it's out of calibration.




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