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Thread: V1 vs. V995

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    Default V1 vs. V995

    I guess I'll make this my test and question thread.

    So far I love the V1, it performs better or the same as the V995 would.

    I got lazy and ran them together just now. There wasn't enough interference to cause an alert on either one.

    So far against a K-Band door opener:

    V1 wins by 3 secs at 30 MPH, on multiple runs.

    Local LEO parked outside the station:

    V1 by a bit rolling to a stop for a stop sign.
    Run #2, passing behind it on a main road, V1 alerts, no V995.

    Ka 34.7 Extreme Off-Axis (90 Degrees): Dead tie.

    I'm working on more testing. I just need to find where the LEO's sit at night with less traffic to trim down on the time I spend driving. I'll probably run them separately at night, Both, V995, V1. That order will work, incase he pulls someover, or leaves the trap. I will have one run with both RD's even if there is interference.

    Edit: Needs to be moved to testing section :-0
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