Here is what my serial number got me; no specifics on the version any longer. I know I can test the unit to get the readout, but why is V1 so vague all of a sudden?? Is the 1.6 the version with front only laser??

V1 Description: Covers X, K, and all of Ka (33.4-36.0 GHz, sometimes called “superwide”). Laser warning is front-only.
Comment: Finds all radars on road today; great on X and K, just okay on Ka--which gets to be more of a problem with each passing day now that Ka has become the fastest-growing radar type. This early, front-only, laser-warning performance was substantially better that the average competitor in its day, but we’ve surpassed it, in a small way some time ago, and now in a large way.
Upgrade Recommendation: We’re uncomfortable now with the Ka performance of these early “superwide” units. We’ve made major steps up in Ka since then, and Ka alerts are now numerous. If you value performance, we advise upgrading. You will also enjoy far fewer Ka false alarms. Upgrades add our latest front-and-rear laser warning; also “internal” Mode Memory, LEDs for band identification, POP Protection and Euro Mode.