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    Default Mounting V-1 on a Ducati Monster ... where ??

    So I'm going to mount V-1, on a motorcycle. (Ducati Monster S4R, to be specific.)
    A lot of people mount their radar detector on a handle bar, windscreen , top of the steering stem, in an open, plain view.
    I do understand (from the detector's performance point of view), it should be mounted as high & far forward as possible. However, I want my set up to be a bit more discreet.
    Unfortunately, Monster doesn't really have any good place to hide V-1. The only two options I can think of are ...
    1) under the lower triple

    (never mind the V-1 facing backward )

    2) right hand side of the frame

    Where do I mount remote display ?
    1) here ?

    2)or here?

    I am also changing head light, so I may be able to fit it in the stock head light location

    Any input ?

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    Default Re: Mounting V-1 on a Ducati Monster ... where ??

    Above the new headlights, but on your side of the windshield. Fabricate yourself a mount like a lot of IronButt riders do so that they can mount extra lights. Consider the beating the V1 would take if it is riding to the wind - bugs, pebbles, etc.

    I have thought about a detector for my bike, but I don't think visual will do. Have you thought about an earbud or similar so you can hear the alarm?
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    Default Re: Mounting V-1 on a Ducati Monster ... where ??

    I like the brake reservoir for a RD mount. Just that I have not found out what to use as a bottom mount for the V1.

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    Default Re: Mounting V-1 on a Ducati Monster ... where ??

    Very nice ride (my son has a 750ie Dark Monster).

    My opinion is that you are giving up too many of the V1's advantages in order to gain that somewhat vague "discrete" benefit. Put it up on the bars where it can see radar and laser. I use a RAM magnetic plate mount on my BMW F800ST and with the longer RAM arm you can position it very easily. Plus mounted there it is easy to slip a baggie or shower cap over it without stopping if you get caught in rain (trying that with your triple-tree mount would be "interesting," to say the least).

    For audio I use Etymotic ER6i earbuds through a Belkin Rockstar passive audio mixer so I can hear both the GPS and the V1.


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    Default Re: Mounting V-1 on a Ducati Monster ... where ??

    OK, so (after a lot of research and re-thinking) I've changed my plan. V-1 is going to be mounted on either

    1) handlebar center

    These are the pic of GPS mount, but you get the idea. I'll use Techmount with 3" extension bar, or RAM mount.
    In this location (it would be mounted higher than GPS in these photos), the antenna gets better "view". easy to cover up when getting caught in the unexpected rain or when get pulled over ( just take off the helmet and put it over the V-1).

    2) Handle bar right side ( or left )

    Probably works just as well (or could be better) as 1) option.

    3)right next to the headlight

    I need to cut out the fairing (or just give up laser protection.)

    4)right side of the frame

    1) & 2), I can simply purchase RAM or Techmount. 3) &4) requires fabricating mount.

    I'm leaning toward 1) option. What do you guys think ?

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    Default Re: Mounting V-1 on a Ducati Monster ... where ??

    Center mount means maximum blockage from your body, so I'd vote for left or right bar mount. I chose left so that the mute button is an easy reach with my clutch hand, but either side would be good.




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