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    Default Weird V1 laser false

    Drove behind an E46 3-series vert tonight and its brake lights triggered my V1. Now, the funny thing is, the V1 got triggered only when the brake lights turned off, not while they were on. Is this normal? Makes me kind of weary about laser protection.

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    This is the exact model I drive. i can post a pic of the 3rd tail light sometime... and also try this out... but the 3rd light is made up of a bunch of leds.

    Leds don't turn off and on in the same sense as regular lightbulbs... some of them slightly hold charge after power is cut to them, and while discharging may emit a slightly different frequency light.

    I'll give it a test and let you know if I can repeat your results.

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    Default laser jammer tests blinder lidatek anti-laser

    This question is addressed in Valentines One's FAQ section. The answer is located here:

    Why am I getting laser alarms when I follow some cars?
    - J.J., Michigan

    Red neon is occasionally used for the CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Lamp) on new cars. We know of these models: GM Trailblazer and Envoy, the Lincoln Mk VIII and the latest BMW 3-series convertible.

    These lights use a neon-plasma light source. The red lens allows red visible light to pass, and also invisible energy near infrared. The source is powered by a pulsating voltage on a frequency that happens to be similar to the repetition rate of legitimate laser-gun pulse trains. In other words, the CHMSLs have an invisible energy leakage that’s nearly identical to the beam used by traffic laser. If we suppress the interference, we’re likely to damage laser sensitivity.

    Another source of alarms: a few new cars have cruise controls that use laser to measure distance to the car ahead. This feature is available on the Lexus LS430, Infiniti FX35 and FX45. This, of course, is real laser, not a false alarm.[/quote]



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