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    Default my Valentine stopped working properly (no mute)

    So I finished my 16 hour shift, car was outside in the shade, Valentine on windshield...j drove back home and my unit did not mute, I pushed the button and nothing. 0 response. Unit worked fine the day before. Nothing special happened

    Here is a link to the video

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Doing some investigating and it seems to be tied to the wiring. It's acting all crazy. It will be on but the display wont as if it was connected to acc. I connected using cigarette lighter, works fine, on my brothers hard-wire, works fine.... Going to check all my hard-wiring
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    Default Re: my Valentine stopped working properly (no mute)

    I was going to tell you to check the control lever behind the volume knob to see if you moved it by accident.



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