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    I just got my new v1 radar detector, and I want to know how to hardwire it to my 2011 mazda 3?

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    Its fairly easy. You have to find a place for power and a ground. RUn the wire and you should be good to go. Its as generic as it gets but if you have specific questions, take pics and show us where you are running into roadblocks.

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    I usually find an inside fusebox and piggy back off a key-on live fuse like the wipers or similar. You have everything you need from V1 and feed straight 8' cord around the winshield to the V1 mounted high near rear view mirror.

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    The add-a-circuit is nice and allows for a clean install. You can find them for a few bucks, or check on RadarBusters, I believe they carry them. You just have to know what size, mini or full sized blade.

    You simply add the 2A fuse provided by VR into the slot along with the original fuse, crimp the hot wire into the blue thingy :-), and then ground it usually to a bolt under the dash. Run the wire up the side by the door, under the A-Framing, between the roof and the upholestry, and out by the RVM with the jack.

    Measure it out first and then work backwards. Start by the RVM and work back to the box, that way the excess wire you can zip-tie and tape/velcro to the underside of the dashboard. Done.
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    Car forums can be helpful to find 'how to' instructions with photos.

    My V1 Hardwire Install - 2010 Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3 Forums



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