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    Default Is my v1 letting me down ?

    ok i have a one year old v1 and it seems like the ka band is not that accurate any more ? I get strong k,x, band but i very rarely get ka band and thats all leos us in my area cali ventura county . funny thing tho when i get the ka band alert i look around and here comes a guy with a cheap cobra that is giving me the ka . my chick has a whistler and i have compared the two not with them both on but one at a time aganist speed signs and the v1 alerts on k band but when i pass with the new whistler its alerts ka band ? on the same sign ? is my on its way out since it will not seem to alert on police ka ? only cheap detector ka ? or are they the same thing thanks

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    Default Re: Is my v1 letting me down ?

    sb, ventura is all i/o and laser so its very difficult to get the ka reads. the only ka reads i get are the c/o about .2-.4 maybe .5 miles away at BEST. i haven't encountered any ka signs down there so maybe yours is in need of a tune up.

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    is i/o = pop ? also my v1 is showing the speed signs k band its the cheap whistler that shows them ka .



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