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    Default V1 gives me a constant X to the rear on cold mornings....

    But when I turn it off and back on the X signal stops. Anyone else have this problem or do you think there might be something wrong? It is mounted above my mirror, and front ant. almost touches the glass but not quite. I have it hardwired also, as well as the hidden display.

    Oh, the signal is about two on the strength meter.


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    Sounds like what happened to me several months back. In my case it turned out to be my cell phone. It produces a weak X-band signal only when charging AND turned off. (Kyocera SE47).

    The VR tech I talked to ("Mike" I think) was very helpful in trying to help me figure it out. His suggestion was to try turning the V1 around when it started to happen. If the arrows follow the motion, it's something outside of the detector. If the arrows stay put regardless of orientation, it might well be something internal to the detector. Same goes for turning on the Logic modes. If logic filters it out, it's probably external. If logic does not filter it out it is probably something internal.



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