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    Default V1 european K band

    I have a thread under general issues about euro K band but I have a specific question about the V1.

    I am famailiar with the U and u modes of the V1 which concern rather the Ka frequencies and only turn off and on the K band.

    Here in France we are concerned primarily K band and laser.

    The V1 has a classic K band of 24.050 - 24.250 Ghz. Belscort has an international version of many of their models which have:

    K standard - 23.950 - 24.950 ghz (slightly larger than the classic range)
    k pulse - K std with rapid K pulse (for the ISKRA)
    K hyper - K std, K pulse, and low power K (like our Mesta's in France)

    Even though the V1 is one the best models in the States and is widely sold in europe including here in France, is there a "degradation" in detection by only having a classic K band range? There are many on this forum who are real experts and I am curious about your thoughts.

    The Mesta's are a real bugger to detect due to their low power.


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    Default Re: V1 european K band

    I too wonder about the bel extended k band., but I'm holding out until someone can provide some vids of them in action against redflex k band. Which seems to operate at the lower end of the regular k band.

    As for euro mode on the v1, it has no effect on k band, only ka band where it limits the ka freqs being scanned
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