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    Default Valentine 1 + Heat

    So I left my Valentine up on my window for the past few days, due to the fact that I got tired of taking it down and putting it back up when the car doesnt seem to get hot hot like in the summer.

    I have it mounted behind the tint strip, just high enough so that the forward antenna is slightly below the strip, so range would not be affected at all. The fact that the detector is behind the strip, must reduce heat by at least a little bit, I am nearly sure.

    Anyways, the other day I was driving on my street and I got one "brap" of Ka band, then it was gone. Never came back. It was pointed forward as well, and I didnt see any speed signs, LEOs, or anything. I also was alerted to many K band alerts where I dont recall getting them before.

    My question is...did and/or could the heat and sunlight somehow ruin my V1? I dont think it could but please help me clear my head haha.

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 + Heat

    Yes heat kills anything electronic. I never leave mine in the car, and keep the body under the tint strip w/only the lens exposed.Is yours fried?Who knows?See how it operates for a week.The ka&k shots could be anything.That alone does not mean anything.
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    Default Re: Valentine 1 + Heat

    My V1 (3.826) has been on top of my windshield in the Florida sunshine since new and I am still amazed by its performance.
    My wife's V1 (my old 3.813) has been on top of my windshield and then her windshield since new and it also has great performance today.
    Both have been sent in for tune-ups once or twice since new.
    Don't worry so much about the heat, they're built tough.

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 + Heat

    I doubt you ruined you V1 by leaving it up in the sun for a few days. I would take it down from now on though. The Ka false was probably a cobra detector and the K false could easily have been a new audi. those things make my V1 go crazy

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 + Heat

    Can't wait till it cools off so I dont have to take mine into work. I have no problem leaving it in my car. You can't see it and we have cameras all over the parking lot. You're trespassing if you drive in and don't work there and there's a high barbed fence all the way around. No I don't work at a prison.

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 + Heat

    You're probably thinking too much into it. There are tons of things that can cause weird alerts out there, which is likely what you encountered.

    As for the heat/sun thing: heat and/or sun isn't good for any electronics. If you can avoid leaving it up (I don't see why you couldn't) avoid it. Why take any chances?

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 + Heat

    I left it up because it cooled off a lot since summer and my car doesnt get nearly as hot. I am not too worried about someone stealing it because I park in a lot that has video surveillance and you cant see my detector unless you look straight at it, it blends in very well. I'm definitely taking it down from now on, hopefully its not fried though....

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 + Heat

    The 3.872's do not over heat.

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 + Heat

    Can you ruin your detector from heat? Yes. Do I, personally think you ruined yours after leaving it up for a few days? No. Heat can damage all electronics, so it is safest to just leave it out of the sun, period.

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 + Heat

    You are talking a period of years usually to have noticeable effects. I would not leave it in the heat as a habit, but a few days is no worry. The alerts were, well, just that. It was likely a Cobra detector within the vicinity, or some other source of a false. One Cobra can cause false alerts on both K and Ka (more-so Ka).



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