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    Default Best place to purchase V1 3891?

    Just looking for a rec on where to buy a couple V1, latest versions. Looking for my wife and I.

    Any advice would be great.

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    Default Re: Best place to purchase V1 3891?

    I would buy directly from the V1 Website, otherwise your taking a gamble IMO buying from any other non authorized source. IF you do buy from a non authorized source you probably are not going to get any type of warranty w/it. That combined w/not being sure it's totally up to spec would also worry me, example buying from EBAY or equivalent.

    My .02

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    Default Re: Best place to purchase V1 3891?

    Ask for a returned unit from Valentine (with the latest software) for $359.

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    Default Re: Best place to purchase V1 3891?

    V1 is direct sales only...unless you wish to purchase a new unit without a warranty



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