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    Default WTF! Bet you cant explain this

    I have a v1 3.891 and I typed in my serial number for a upgrade to the new version every one is talking about and got this message.... Why would I get downgraded to 1.85?

    Our V1.85 Upgrade w/ESP* for this series of V1 will produce the following benefits:

    Extended Serial Protocol (ESP) enhances two-way communication with future peripheral devices (details to be announced).

    *One-year limited warranty starting at upgrade date, same as new units.

    -- Upgrade to V1.85 w/ESP: As soon as we receive your old unit (in operable condition with no tampering of the serial number) we'll install revised firmware and a new ESP front panel, then return it to you in the shortest possible time with a new serial number to indicate its revised capability.
    No Charge (shipping only)

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    Its 1.85 firmware revision 3.892 you are going up from 1.8 to 1.85

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    Default Re: WTF! Bet you cant explain this

    "3.89x" is the firmware revision. "1.85" basically the model number.

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    Bet we can lol

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    This was hilarious! Sorry to the n00b, but too funny!



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