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    Default The 'opt-out' option

    I just want to express an opinion because apparently it is only of late that V1 allows one to check a box that does not require a signature when the V1 is delivered.

    I got by this 6 weeks ago for my upgraded V1. One of the ladies at V1 dictated a sentence to me which I rewrote and sent by email and everything was okay after that.

    What I don't like about the current opt-out language is that is sounds as though we take full responsibility for the V1 period. The language I wrote said clearly I was responsible once it had been delivered but not how it was made our handled up until delivery.

    We all remember the long thread here that had a good ending but involved something of a fight between V1 and UPS about who was responsible for delivery of a damaged V1.

    Anyway, just my opinion.
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    Default Re: The 'opt-out' option

    Sort of curious about that myself. I sent mine in last week for latest update, again..... and saw this new option. I always hated having to chase the mailman all over town to get my delivery. Most of us here on this forum work and are not home at the time of delivery, which delays us from getting all of our "goodies" when we can't be home to sign for them. Delivery to my work is also not an option because I am in an out, and I definitely do not want a $400 item to go home with someone else besides myself.

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    Default Re: The 'opt-out' option

    Yeah I know what's you mean I will be sending my in around after the first of the year so I will be facing the same. One thing at least is that I live in a gated community so it's not to bad I don't have to worry about people coming up and walking off with my package to much and I know that it's not fool proof. I also have a good friend that live almost next door he is a police officer but sometime people don't even care about either.

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    Default Re: The 'opt-out' option

    After knowing what I know about deliveries from the major carriers, I would never have a non-signature delivery. You can request a 'hold at distribution' from most carriers and the distribution points can be open quite late, like 8pm here for UPS.



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