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    Default Valentine One's "L" mode...finally explained.

    V1s with software version 3.892 and higher include a new Extended Serial Protocol ("ESP"). ESP has been added to enhance communication with future peripheral devices. Since ESP utilizes the Valentine One's standard RJ-11 power connector, it could possibly interfere or change the operation of third party devices that have been developed for the V1 utilizing the Legacy Concealed Display output stream. Every attempt has been made to automatically detect what peripheral is connected to the Valentine One's power jack. However, to accommodate any unforeseen problems, we have added user feature "L" to insure third party devices that cease to function correctly with ESP can be made fully operational. Feature 'L' is factory defaulted to OFF (FRONT ARROW) and must be enabled by setting feature "L" to REAR ARROW.

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    Default Re: Valentine One's "L" mode...finally explained.

    Thanks for the info, but I am pretty sure there is already a topic, or two on this.



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