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    Default Valentine 1 and Spectra

    Any rumors regarding if VR is planning on making the V1 undetectable? I kinda think that if you are direct competition for the Redline you have to match it or beat with features!

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 and Spectra

    Hmm, I feel if your in direct compeition with the V1 you need arrows and a bogey counter.

    Now, to the question. I don't "believe" they're. Not that I would know.

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 and Spectra

    They'd have to completely redo the antenna for stealth and use LNA's instead of a superheterodyne receiver.

    Your best bet is the redline for a stealth windshield mount.
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    Default Re: Valentine 1 and Spectra

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    Default Re: Valentine 1 and Spectra

    I had spoken to someone in the company who said "we're working on it". That was in April. And No it was not the Mean Lady. Maybe they are, or maybe they just told me what I wanted to hear. ???????



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