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    If the V1 is in "L" mode does that turn KA guard on?

    Also the "t" setting I watched a video that showed POP being used on it and when the holder pressed the POP quickly the V1 did not make a sound but when it was held for a longer period of time it detected it. Shouldn't I be concerned that it did not dtect it when pressed quickly?


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    Nope, if you set Ka Guard on it will be on all modes, and vice versa.

    Just take POP off, you can't get a ticket for it, and it slows your Ka detection time. The reason that your POP didn't go off because POP is very very fast, think milliseconds fast.

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    Thank you, so POP is a non factor? Does it come from factory on or off?

    My V1 is on order so I don't have it yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallstreet123456 View Post
    Thank you, so POP is a non factor? Does it come from factory on or off?

    My V1 is on order so I don't have it yet.
    POP is 99.9 percent not used in the US, the T feature you speak of, slows down K band so it *misses* the speedinfo K band shots. It also causes it to miss all K band with in that ms range.

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    L mode is "Legacy" mode made to support older 3rd party items plugged into the new V1's

    T mode is traffic signal filtering, which filters out traffic radar that makes radar detectors react like they been hit by instant on K-band.

    Just like the TSR filtering on Beltronics/Escorts, it will reduce the detection ability of the K band by a 1 to 2 seconds since it has to process the signals through more filters.



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