New member here ... hello to everyone.

I have used radar detectors since Mike Valentine's original ESCORT (in it's day ... "the next best thing to having a Judge sit in the front seat with you" .. Car & Driver). In fact, I still have my vintage Escort it in its original hard case and it's fully functional.

I just received my "new" ($189) 3.892 back from Valentine yesterday and I'm not sure what to think. Prior to the upgrade, my V1 was very stable going through town and was much more pleasant to use than my BEL Vector 995. However, after unboxing the upgraded V1 yesterday and powering it up, it was as if it were demon-possesed!! No joke! I insantly got arrows from all directions, and beeping and squawking like ou would not believe. It was constant all the way through town (Savannah, GA). The bogey counter ran up and down the numerical scale from 1 to 5 to 3 to 6 to 1 to 2 blah blah blah ... over and over again. The unit finally ran itself into "E" mode and froze, beeping constantly the entire time. I finally shut the darn thing down, turned it back on, and it settled down (somewhat) as I entered the expressway, but once I exited off again, I begn getting every type of signal and countless bogies, from every friggin' direction. I hope the new guy (or the guy that was in a hurry to go to lunch) wasn't the one that performed my upgrade and cut corners, didn't bench test anything, slapped it in the box and shipped it out. I'll try it out again today, but I am afraid I will be on the landline to Valentine on Monday if this thing does not settle in. If it performs like it did yesterday, it is rendered useless for my needs. By the way, the unit is in it's factory settings on full Auto ... everything is on, which is the way I used to run it pre-update. Pre-upgrade vs Upgrade is like the difference between a slow waltz and a dang Jitterbug (on meth).

I'm open to any suggestions.