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    Default How much does tint band affect laser detection?

    Hi all,

    This isn't just another pointless tint thread. I want to know how much laser detection you are sacrificing by mounting the detector behind a 5% band of non-metallic tint on the windshield. I understand the V1 laser detection shouldn't be relied on for saves, but it does sometimes pick up scatter. Do you sacrifice that with the tint, or does the tint not affect the wavelength the laser is using?

    I wish I could test it out, but I don't have a laser gun...


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    Default Re: How much does tint band affect laser detection?

    A lot probably.

    Also laser alerts are semi-useless, don't worry about it.

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    Default Re: How much does tint band affect laser detection?

    Lasered at 575 feet with it behind the tint band. V1 didn't go off.

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    Default Re: How much does tint band affect laser detection?

    A LOT!!

    Look through the tint band at a red light. Do you see the red light? My guess is "barely."
    I have a 5 percent strip on my Tahoe's windshield and I can barely see the red light. Other light colors are not blocked as much. Notice how much more visible green or blue is through the tint strip.

    The tint is designed to allow certain wavelengths of light through, and block most of the lower wavelengths (infrared) and higher wavelengths (UV).
    Laser is in the infrared range, which is just below the color red in the wavelengths of the visible color scheme. So, using the color red as a general basis as to how "visible" laser is, is a fairly good method.
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    Default Re: How much does tint band affect laser detection?

    I did some testing with my v1 mounted high right under my tint strip. It had no problem picking up laser . Then I tried it at a 30 degree angle from the rear side standing towards the back of my car. All my windows but my windshield are tinted at about 30 percent. The v1 would not pickup laser thru my tinted windows Evan standing right up at the pasenger glass. While still shooting laser at the side of the window I opened my passenger door and as soon as I started to open the door the v1 went off. So tint has a big affect on the v1 picking up laser



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