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    Default V1 Visor Mounting

    I drive a Toyota Tacoma 4x4, and have recently started mounting my V1 on my visor. I flip it down a little to make it level. I really like the way that it is up high and also out of the way. Its actually pretty stealth (not that I need it to be since I don't live in Virginia or Canada).

    I'm primarily concerned about radar reception because laser isn't used in my area.

    I haven't had enough encounters yet to determine if this affects range from the front. Range from the back seems the same as mounting it under my rear view mirror. I have a slight tint band along the top of my windshield, and although this may affect laser I don't think it will affect radar reception. I also wonder if my rear view mirror blocks some of the front reception over what would be the right-front quarter panel area. Also curious about what implications exist with the detector sitting 3-6 inches or so back from the windshield glass. Thus the detector is tucked back under a little bit of my interior roof.

    Anyways - this turned into a long post - in summary I'm asking for others' experience with visor mounting. If VR didn't advise a visor mount they wouldn't include one, so I guess it can't be that bad or might not be bad at all?

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    My vehicle is very different from yours (smaller, lower to the ground), but I have my V1 mounted in the same way. So far I really like it. Radar range seems to be improved vs. mounting next to the mirror where it was before, and I think that I can attribute that at least somewhat to better levelling. All I had to do was shim the clip with some pieces of paper and now it's dead-level all the time. If anything I think it will fare better there than against the glass since the sun won't beat down on it in the summer. That case can get hot!

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    In the V1 manual or web site mike V says the higher it's mounted the better!!

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    Yep, and the sun reflecting with car colors and low mounted detectors causes issues with detecting laser.

    "Mounting high on the windshield will position the detector to "see" through the windows of most vehicles ahead. Glass in vehicles ahead is a good thing for your detector to see".
    The V1 site elaborates on this.



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