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    Default Using the Valentine 1 with Redline issues and recommendations

    So I've read the forums and seen that a few people run both the redline and Valentine 1 together.

    Now, I have a few questions:

    1.) What about interference? How far apart should they be? Any reduction in performance from either?

    2.) What's the best way to do it, keep both on at regular volume, or mute one? (Like use the V1 just for the arrows, etc)


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    Default Re: Using the Valentine 1 with Redline issues and recommendations

    I have had the Redline interfere with the V1 on 35.5 Ka, causing it to totally miss an alert. It only happened once. Just be aware that it can happen.

    Likewise the V1 can interfere with the Redline. I have seen a slight reduction in K band sensitivity on the Redline when running them together.

    If you are going to run them together, keep them separated by at least 3 ft.


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    Default Re: Using the Valentine 1 with Redline issues and recommendations

    My suggestion, don't do it. I ran them together for 3 months and over 10k miles. They were as far apart as they could be.

    The Redline was super quiet. Never alerted to anything but constant on. It rarely beat the V1. They usually tie or a difference of 1 or 2 seconds (constant on). Only one time did the Redline save me where the V1 didn't alert until it was too late. This was way over thru a hill though and V1 ka guard was off (it was Ka radar). Maybe the Redline interfered?

    If you want to do it just for fun and don't mind burning money go for it, but I don't think you gain anything except having spec mode and arrows, rather I think you lose performance out of both detectors. There are many other discussions on here that say the same thing.



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