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    Default V1 Programming for SoCal

    I've been reading through a lot of the threads and haven't been able to come to any good conclusion about how I should program my V1.

    It seems that a lot of people turn off X band and POP mode. Are those two features useful here in SoCal?

    How do other people here in SoCal have their V1's programed?

    and Why is POP mode not useful? If it's not useful, why is it part of the V1 or other rd's?

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    I know that San Diego still uses X band...

    Someone posted a video of it. :wink:

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    I have X off and POP on for now. CHP roll almost exclusively with Ka, and K is still pretty popular.

    I don't think you can even use the V1 with X on in SoCal. I had it on for a day and was getting like 8 bogeys everywhere I went. The l and L modes did not provide much relief.


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    Just as an update since I have used the rd more now.

    It seems that a lot of CHP in the LA area drive without their radar's on. I'm thinking there are just too many cars on the road.

    It makes me wonder how CHP use their front and rear mounted Ka laser. What kind of indo does it tell them and what not.

    with big L mode, it cuts down a lot on all the x-band. I get a full on laser warning on one part of the 405 and I'm not sure where it's coming from.

    I found the rd most useful on my recent road trip. Most CHP have their radar on in the more rural areas. I haven't seen any legit x band or K band out there yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnight runner
    It seems that a lot of CHP in the LA area drive without their radar's on.
    8/10 CHP cars I run into have their Radar off, but lately a lot of them have had it on.

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    Welcome to the board midnight.



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