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    Exclamation 3.813 Question please give me your opinion

    I just bought a V1 3.813 about 3 months ago, my dad has the new V1 and i am thinking about upgrading to a new unit....on the other hand ive heard that the 3.813 is special and i would like to know why people think it is so special? also should i send it in for a tune up and what do they do to it that tunes it up like how does it benefit you? and are there any people that are on here still using the 3.813 how does it perform to todays standards? or should i sell it?

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    I have 2 3.813 V1's that I own along with a newly upgraded 3.893. Keep the 3.813, you're not missing out on much other than the traffic drone filtering (is this needed where you live?). The 3.813 is just as hairline sensitive as my 3.893 and can sniff out K-band and Ka band quick trigger very fast. I had both 3.813 factory retuned by VR for $45 and they perform great.

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    Default Re: 3.813 Question please give me your opinion

    Definetely send it in for a 'check up' at the least. I have a 3.813 and a 3.864 and the 3.813 more sensitive, but marginally. The 3.813 was the last pre-POP v1.



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