Hey gang,

I've thought about getting each of my immediate family members this Christmas a radar detector (3 detectors in total). I've done a lot of reading, but I thought I'd ask you guys for help with the final decision.

For what I read it appears that the Valentine One and the Escort 9500ix are the ones to beat, and that the cheaper detectors aren't really recommended. The holiday is fast approaching, so my goal is to order them tomorrow.

For are some important considerations:

1. None of them has ever used a radar detector, though they've all gotten traffic tickets. My mom in particular hates traffic cops. They aren't particularly good with tech, so I'll probably be the one adjusting the settings at first.

2. They live in the Los Angeles and Pasadena area of California...which means urban and suburban driving along with highways. And since it's California, I guess I'll need to get them beanbag mounts for the detectors.

3. My mother has a 2011 Mercedes C-Class, dad a 2004 Toyota Prius, and sister a 2006 Volkwagen Jetta. Not sure if any of those cars have bad radar detector features, or conflict with beanbag mounting.

4. I'm assuming that RadarBusters, Escort, Beltronics, and Valentine all have good return policies in case they hate it.

5. They all use Macintoshes, not PCs. I know this is an issue with Escort's software, though I figure updates aren't that important.


I'm leaning toward the Valentine One, because I think my mom would like the arrows because her issue isn't so much speeding but having cops pull her over for other things. She always on the lookout for cops. (And yes - I know the cop has to have the radar on). I also like the no-frills, no-obsolence ethos.

I'm worried, however, they won't use them due to the V1's alleged false alarms. If I put them all on Advanced Logic mode and disabled their X-band would the Valentine be usable for them in LA and Pasadena?

Or is the 9500ix really my only option?

And if you think I'm wasting my money and they'd be fine with RX65s, that's fine too.