New here. I originally bought my V1 in 1995, ser#7174160373 when I was traveling back and forth from Oh to NJ. Once I moved to NJ and started riding the bus to work in Manhattan, the V1 ended up in a box and pretty much stayed there. I have been working in NJ for quite some time now and last Dec(2010), I got stopped for 71 in a 45 on a back road at 6am. Very dark, can see a car coming for a long ways, rural, trees, no side streets and a WRX...spool up the turbo and zoom past him. Surprisingly he let me go.

Ever since then, I have been casually hoping to spot the V1. In late Oct I found it. The suction cups were shot and no idea where any of the other hardware was, so I just let it sit in the seat. It still worked surprisingly well. I think the front horn had lost most of the sensitivity because even when I aimed it at a cop, the back one was firing hard...then the front one would come on at point blank. Anyway, I knew it was time...so I sent it in a few weeks ago and got a brandy new 1.85 v3.893. I also ordered a remote display. I guess i timed it well, completely by accident.

So I've been spending the past few days reading a lot of posts here, and at the V1 site and am noting the lack of details on ESP. I get it, it's not ready for primetime yet.

One of the main things I do for a living is programming. I program interfaces for equipment primarily(industrial presses, large format UV printers, etc.). Usually this involves Kiosk style touch screens, or just plain ole applications in visual C++, VB.net, c#, but it also involves some interfacing with control cards, embedded controllers, Servos, PLCs, whatever. Most of it is via plain jane serial communication.

This makes me wonder, that perhaps, I could make something really cool to work with my nifty new V1, now that it supports new peripherals.

I was wondering if there were any draft specifications or any hints as to what kind of control hooks you can read or manipulate using the Enhanced Serial protocol?

For example, it would be interesting to make a universal box that interacts with the various Laser jammers or GPS Markers (SC55?) and alert or suppress accordingly. Just making the V1 send out alerts over a wireless link would be cool too. Ambitious perhaps, it still sounds like I can find something fun to do with it.

Anyway, congrats if you made it this far. Cheers.