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    Default New "Intersector" radar being deployed for pedestrians and bicycles...

    This is part of a thread I have being having directly with V1; it is regarding a radar system called "Intersector" which has been installed in some intersections in Pleasanton, CA to sense the presence of oncoming bicycles and adjust the green light to allow them ample time to make it through the green before changing to yellow/red.

    I have confirmed it sets off K band.

    (the thread):

    (V1 writing): I have not heard of this pedestrian/bike system. I will pass this information on to the engineers. Have you seen it and does it set off the V1?

    (part of my posting to V1):
    City of Pleasanton - "Intersector" Bicycle Detection

    (from the above specification sheet):

    Five channels selectable: 24.075, 24.100,
    24.125, 24.150, and 24.175 GHz
    Beam angle: Azimuth 25 degrees to 100' and
    then reduces to 20 degrees out to 425 feet
    Elevation: 12 degrees
    Operates with FSK-4 mode

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    Default cool stuff

    Sitting on a motorbike at an un-responsive stoplight can be a real pisser

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    Default Re: cool stuff

    I see in the near future that they are going to start to ticketing the bicyclists.

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    Default Re: cool stuff

    One of these just popped up at an intersection in Memphis in the past three weeks (Lamar [US 78] and Winchester Rd). My V1 doesn't alert to it, there is an automatic door opener just a little ways down the street that it always alerts to and I haven't gotten any other bogeys from it. It uses one of the modes (FSK) that I believe V1 is specifically designed to reject to avoid alerting to traffic sensors.



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