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    Default Headphone without remote audio adapter?

    I'm looking at mounting my V1 to my Ducati ST2, and wiring it into my headset communication system so I can hear the beeps and braps.

    The standard approach is to use the remote audio adapter, but I'm trying to minimize the number of little boxes that I have to mount to the bike.

    JM makes a cable to eliminate the remote audio adapter and hardwire power adapter:

    JMSR-AC29 Product Information

    This is for use with the JM Integratr IV comm system. My comm system is different but I could adapt this if needed.

    I'm trying to make my own however. If I read this thread correctly:

    V1 Ports - Wiring Pin Out Schematic

    Then pins 2/4 of the cigarette lighter adapter AUX port, or the same pins on the hardwire adapter AUX port, should be audio. I tested, bridging these pins with a 1k resistor does give the same effect as holding the mute button, so I'm pretty sure I've ID'ed the right pins. But when I feed them either directly to headphones, or to a line-level input to my comm system, I just hear some digital noise, and the V1 doesn't boot. For the line-level input, I ran pin 4 to the tip and pin 2 to the ring of the 3.5mm jack, since the ring is typically ground/return.


    1. Does the audio/mute signal really carry the audio from the V1?
    2. Is it line-level or headphone/speaker level?
    3. Am I somehow picking the wrong pin pair?

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    Default Remote audio without adapter?

    Just got a V1 for use on my Ducati ST2.

    I use a powered audio mixer and bluetooth link to get various audio signals (MP3, GPS, and soon radar locator) into my helmet.

    Wondering about powering and getting audio out of my V1 without using the adapters (hardwire power and remote audio). Just trying to reduce the number of little boxes to manage on the bike!

    I know it must be possible, because I see this cable which bypasses both boxes:

    JMSR-AC29 Product Information

    I could buy that cable and modify it a bit for my application. But also thinking about just building one from scratch.

    I found this post:

    V1 Ports - Wiring Pin Out Schematic

    which gives a lot of info. I tried feeding the signal from pins 2 and 4 of the aux port of the cig. lighter adapter to my audio mixer (pin 4 to "signal" and pin 2 to "ground"), but when I did that the V1 didn't boot up, and I just heard a bunch of digital noise. What am I missing?



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