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    Default V1 and LI install with new head unit

    Hi guys,

    I have my V1 with Savvy, concealed display, and remote audio coming in tomorrow. I already have an LI installed. I'm looking for something somewhat unique and I'm having trouble finding answers on it. Hopefully you guys can help.

    Right now I have a stock head unit with a tape deck and six CD changer, but no aux. I have no use for tapes or CDs. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab that I want to use to play music and do gps nav. I also have a Blackberry Bold 9930 that I want to use hands free. And I have steering wheel controls I want to continue to work.

    Ideally these would all play through the car stereo. I want the music to mute when my LI or V1 goes off, when my phone rings, and when my navigation starts talking.

    Any ideas on a good head unit that will do this? Or would I be best off getting some type of external speaker/hands free system?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: V1 and LI install with new head unit



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