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    Default ESP documentation is partially up! Looks promising!

    ESP (Extended Serial Protocol)

    The "ESP Technical Specification" document is up, and wow, Valentine Research has definitely been busy. The protocol design is incredible -- You can get info on the sweep rates of the detector, grab Savvy data, override Savvy speed, and for EACH alert, it reports:

    * Computed "priority"
    * Frequency in MHz
    * Rear strength
    * Front strength
    * Computed arrow direction

    This is plenty of information for us to strap on a GPS device and emulate, if not one-up, Escort's TrueLock capabilities, etc.

    In addition, in Euro Mode it looks like you're allowed to define anywhere from 1 to 6 distinct frequency ranges to sweep. Band segmentation, anyone?

    I'm going to wait until the "ESP Hardware Specification" comes up, but I'm already starting to line up hardware to play with this thing

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    Default Re: ESP documentation is partially up! Looks promising!

    Wow, if I only knew what all that tech mumbo jumbo means. :-)

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    Default Re: ESP documentation is partially up! Looks promising!

    Very useful.

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    Default Re: ESP documentation is partially up! Looks promising!

    Based on what 100Daily was told by the VR tech, evidently there are either more open doors VR will come out with or they will have some type of device to connect in with their updates.

    Went from 3.863 to 3.893 today. Called V1 and got interesting note...

    Either way, it is starting to look pretty interesting.


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    Default Re: ESP documentation is partially up! Looks promising!

    Hello folks

    I don't see a big benefit from the new ESP and SAVVY, with the old V1 version. i can get V1BlueShark and use my mobile phone (either it Nokia or Android) to have V1 data by bluetooth.
    Moreover i can hear Voice Alarms of all bands, Automatic mute in specific places ( like Escort ) or over specific speed ( like SAVVY ), use GPS of cell phone to alarm me in GPS radar places and also i can have Events table of all alarms occurred tagged with date and time ( open in Excel or any text editor ).

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    Default Re: ESP documentation is partially up! Looks promising!

    If the band seg and be incorporated with extended K band for 24.000Ghz photo radar i would seriously consider updating.

    i have previously mailed Valentine research about the AGD 340 (redflex) photo radar units that have the ability to operate between 24.000Ghz and 24.250Ghz.

    currently a V1 operates on 24.050Ghz to 24.250Ghz.
    there is .050 unaccounted for !!!

    these AGD/Redlex units are ued in Europe, Australia and Arizona
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