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    Default Love my V1, but what's up.....................

    Drove to Ft Bragg from DC on Monday afternoon. Took 295 around Richmond back onto 95. V1 worked like a charm. While on 95 around exit 54. I got hit 3 different times with Ka. and had plenty of warning. Each time I got within visual range it was a Sheriff and not a State Trooper. All from the same department. My question is why is a Sheriff department on a interstate? I might be able to see one, but three different ones. and this was just on the southbound side. Sure sounds like someone is trying to make some money.

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    Default Re: Love my V1, but what's up.....................

    Thats right. They are there to siphon off money. You can bet that if something happens like an accident, they will say "its not ours" and leave quickly to avoid any work.

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    Unhappy Re: Love my V1, but what's up.....................

    Sounds like maybe Cumberland County? CC Sheriff's Dept. has a very proactive drug interdiction program.

    I work out of Ft Bragg, I just received my V1 as a present while on R&R.



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