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    Default Made it home from Bragg!!

    I'm back in DC (Maryland) Just wanted to ask a question about VSP. I'm crossing the NC/VA border about 1130 on Thursday. My V1 is silent, but my Garmin (which I loaded with Trapster) and my Iphone which has Trapster also, keeps saying known enforcement point. So I slow down while entering VA. As I enter the CommonWealth low and behold. Two trooper sitting in the median. So I turn off my V1, as I pass them, then I turn it back on. For the next 2 to 3 miles (some of you who drive I95 probable all ready know this.) My Garmin and Iphone are going crazy with known enforcement points. V1 is silent, but the next two or three enforcement points there is a Trooper sitting in the median. WOW!! Question. am I doing right to turn off my V1 as I pass the troopers? What's the percentage of them having a RDD? VG2 vs Spectre? What kind of range and could they pick up my V1? Traffic was light to medium. Seems to me VSP are serious about their traffic enforcement. At least when you enter the state.

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    I donít travel up in VA so not sure where they use Spectre. GOL may be able to give some general acquisition times by Spectre and also has a nice report by Stealth Jamal on the Spectre IV.

    Glad you got back without having to fork over any Green Stamps on the big road.


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    Default Re: Made it home from Bragg!!

    I95 Va/NC border sounds to me like you drove thru the ATM hole known as Emporia VA. They have been screwing drivers there ever since I can remember. Its among the worst locations in the state.

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    Default Re: Made it home from Bragg!!

    GOL hasn't been too active recently I don't believe. Last entry on their website 09?



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