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    Default V1...the arrows do it again !!!!!

    Just made it home from work, had a few late jobs to finish. I was on I85 North doing about 90 mph. As I was approaching exit 111, I noticed 2 bogeys instead of 1. I normally get 1 because of a Walgreens on the corner of that exit(a very weak k). The counter showed 2 with the ka getting stronger and stronger, arrow pointing forward....Hmm, I thought, something's going on up here. I slowed to 70 as the signal maxed out. Still nothing. As I crossed under the bridge, the arrow flipped to the rear. I glance back and guess what.....GSP was running radar on the on Ramp to I85 North. Not this time buddy, maybe if I still had the 9500ix (LMAO).

    Had to share this....those freakin' arrows and rear antenna kick major butt

    I'm lovin' my V1

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    Default Re: V1...the arrows do it again !!!!!

    No doubt about it, the V-1 rules

    no more Beep-N-Wonder

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    Default Re: V1...the arrows do it again !!!!!

    Yesssir. My greatest Save post is still un-disputed by every other save I have had. It's imprint on my love for the V1 makes me a zombie. Now I'm getting daily saved on my way to work, but that night that V1 when full lock tone from the rear, and I hid from a 120mph ticket will remain a hard one to beat for a very long time for me.

    I also had a detection on a long highway texas stretch that is implanted in my brain as to the range V1 can do. I am going to the family ranch this weekend driving the same lONG Texas stretch that I got my longest detection, but this time I'm taking my cell phone to video it should I get lucky and get another CO at 7-10 miles detection. You would freak out if you seen V1 detect at this distance, and it ramped up beautifully.

    Also I never seen a truck that didnt look all marked like a cop until that day. Woulda never seen it coming. Looked like a ranch truck pulling out of a ranch, or an oil well worker pulling out sitting on the side of the road.. not a copper with K blasting down an 80mile long stretch of highway lmao.

    Anyhow.. cross our fingers because this trip will give potential that I am wanting for SUPERIOR RANGE DETECTION, and captured on video!

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    Default Re: V1...the arrows do it again !!!!!

    I know what you mean.
    I was coming after a long day of shooting the 2012 summer edition of “Girls Gone Wild”.

    It was late, I was tired. I was hungry. But, I wanted to get home as soon as possible so I could post part 35B of my amazing driving experiences.
    I knew that the people wanted to know. They needed to know.

    I open the car door and slid both of my handmade Bruno Magli size 10’s on the Red cashmere Ferrari embossed floor mats.
    Of course I was careful to first wipe the bottoms off to prevent any debris from entering the car.

    My stomach was rumbling from hunger.
    I swear I could hear the sounds over the incredible sounds of Montovani on my Ferrari Enzo’s Alpine stereo.
    I headed southbound on 180 dodging dead armadillos, poached deer, Coors cans, "Rick Perry for President" posters, and spent 5.56 cartridges that litter the Texas highway.

    I shifted into third gear and set the cruise control to 190mph.
    Hmmmm. Nice!

    Then it happened.
    Brap! Brap! Brap! went the Valentine Radar detector. Brap Brap Brap!
    I looked to the right and immediately noticed the KA bogie displayed on the excellently designed canted display.
    I hit the brakes.
    Note: Not only does touching the brake pedal slow the Ferrari, it also disengages the cruise control.
    I believe that to be a very well thought out design by the fine engineers at Ferrari.

    Three miles down the road, as I crossed under bridge number 180.54 (which is only 7.5 miles from my favorite Waffle Houses) , I noticed a kopper to the side of one of the two million NRA signs that adorn the beautiful Texas landscape.
    I looked at him, he looked at me.
    I’m sure he knew I had very likely exceeded the maximum permitted speed for highway 185.
    He also knew that I probably had a Valentine One.

    I got off at the next exit, (no, not that kind of get off)turned around and headed northbound.
    There was a plate of pecan waffles waiting with my name on it.



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