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Thread: ESP and SAVVY

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    Default ESP and SAVVY

    What is Extended Serial Protocol (ESP)? Can anyone explain this? also Has anyone used SAVVY? i just ordered.. 85 bucks from v1 (they get you with shipping lol.. )

    Its No gps filtering but its a start lol.

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    Default Re: ESP and SAVVY

    you might want to either a. go to V1's site. or b. read the older threads about it.

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    Default Re: ESP and SAVVY

    I'll answer this directly:

    Savvy is nice. It might seem retardedly primitive compared to advanced GPS filtering techniques used by Escort's detectors, but you'd be surprised at how useful it is. I would say 90% of the false alert annoyance of the V1 is rolling around a shopping mall parking lot or being stopped at a red light next to a CVS. Stationary false sources tend to pass by quickly if you're driving past them. Savvy also makes hardwiring a bit simpler if you do not want to modify your vehicle's wiring harnesses. It's usually easy to discreetly run a telephone wire from the OBD port up to your headliner then back down to your detector.

    ESP is just a tool, but an extremely powerful tool, but relies on nonexistent (presumably in-the-future) accessories for its true power to show. ESP allows the V1 to report ALL of its activity (every alert + signal strength + frequency, etc) over the accessory port, as well as allowing accessories to configure things like band segmentation.

    This paves the way for entirely new displays for the V1 that can show similar info to the Passport iQ, as well as the ability to implement GPS false alert suppression (though patents may prevent this from actually happening), etc.

    But right NOW, I would say the benefits of ESP are basically nothing. It's a form of futureproofing.



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