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    Default The version is most accurate?

    I have two V1's with color CD's (3.813 and 3.864). I sold my other car and now I only need one and was wondering which version is the most accurate by means of arrows and bogey counter.

    My 3.864 seems more accurate than my 3.813 which ghosts on Ka badly.

    I was thinking about selling one of them, and if necessary, upgrading to the 3.893 if the arrows and bogey counter is spot on.

    What do you suggest?

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    Default Re: The version is most accurate?

    Both V1ís should be very close aside from manufacturing tolerances. The 3.813 is a pre-POP unit. I have read some go out of specís once a year while others say they have had no problem, depends on who you talk to. The one I gave to my son is fine. Based on what the LEOís have in my area, some MPH Bee IIIís with either K or Ka POP Iíd would sell the 3.813 if in my area.

    I have found the X and K to be the same on my 3.864 and 3.892. I only have moderate amounts of hits with Ka, mostly Stalker, 34.7 GHz and both V1ís ďseemĒ to be the same with the same programming, IME. I am currently testing with and without Ka Guard on and off.

    Unless you have SpeedInfo k band traffic drones in your area or you want the benefits of ESP which right now is the Savvy accessory the 3.864 will do ya.

    I wanted the Savvy and also may be travelling up north in SpeedInfo areas so I got the 3.892.

    Instead of upgrading I sold the 3.864, they hold their value, and purchased new, a bit cheaper that way.




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