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    Been a long time isnce Ive made a post on here, but just randomly thought i would come to the site and check it out. Has there been any "real" updates to the V1. I have 3.856 and was wondering there has been any change? Still love my V1 and will never own anything else. Countless saves since I moved from Ohio to Florida!

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    Welcome back. V1’s latest upgrade is to 3.893 having the following….

    ESP: for the Savvy accessory and any third parties that wish to develop devices for the V1. The data information was given and is displayed on the VR site.

    TMF: Traffic Monitor Filter to filter out the K band interstate drones as in OH SpeedInfo System. It also disables K band POP to enable the filter. I have found it reduces some k band sensitivity when enabled. From what I’ve read it may assist in taking out some of the side assist K band alerts now becoming everyday with new vehicles.

    As far as added sensitivity I have not seen any on X or K bands. I have limited exposure to 34.7 and 33.8 Ka here in town, but from what I see there is no performance enhancement as the VR site states in the upgrade information. This was when I was comparing my 3.892 to a 3.864 which had recently come back from VR.




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