Just got my fourth, brand new V1. Exciting day.

I live in the Cleveland OH area and have been living with the traffic monitor / radar drones along the interstates for a while now. Finally decided to take the plunge and EBay my old unit and buy a new one rather than go through the upgrade.

Very pleased to say the filter works well at removing the traffic monitor blasts. What it's doing to legitimate K band threats I can't say yet.

With the old unit I was running automute on little "l" with 30 seconds and no breakthrough at any strength, then switching to A when out of the traffic monitor area. Wasn't a bad setup really! It would still occasionally breakthrough on the highway and sitting at red lights next to a CVS or whatnot.

Now I am running X band off / Bogey lock at muted tone / A mode. Also got Savvy --- still playing with Savvy but I think I'll keep it set quite low, around 25mph.